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Hi there! I'm Mia, a Los Angeles local voice actor, visual artist, dog lover, and big-time nerd. 

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona I began acting at the ripe age of 12, when I made my stage debut as Mary Katherine Gallagher in a Jr. High School production of ... SNL? We did a bunch of SNL sketches on a Tuesday night.. After receiving rave reviews for my performance, I (of course) decided that this should become my entire personality and thus my acting career began. I went on to study Theatre at Arizona State University and graduated cum laude with a diverse knowledge of not only acting but the various aspects of stagecraft. I was able to utilize these skills professionally on and off-Broadway during an extremely hands-on internship and later in the Phoenix theatre community at large, helping to bring several world premiere productions to life. I’ve worn many hats during just about every aspect of the production process and as such have developed a deep passion for the collaborative storytelling process in all its forms.


After making the move to Los Angeles, the very first job I booked was the series lead in the fiction podcast, All in My Head, and I experienced the unparalleled joy that is voiceover for the first time. Then, a stranger to this thing we call The Industry, it felt like maybe just maybe I found the little corner of this world where I belong. And I haven't looked back since. Recent voice credits include multiple roles in the game, Mobile Legends: Adventure as well as the lead in the upcoming animated short, Pixel Perfect.


If you would like to view my work as a visual artist you can do so here.

​When not voice acting or art making, you can probably find me reading fantasy novels, trying desperately to improve my aim in first person shooters, playing dnd with my friends, or watching far too much tv.

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